You will receive one complimentary proof via e-mail. Proofs may appear to look slightly different on screen. Please review the proof carefully to ensure that all information is accurate. Note proof colors may vary slightly from your final printed product. Carefully read the Color Variation section. Your final approval is needed before printing will begin. Once the proof is accepted, Couture Envelopes is not responsible for errors or changes.

Color Variation & Quality Control
Ink lots, paper stocks, environmental conditions, various calibrations of browsers and monitors may alter the visual appearance of colors. Due to uncontrollable variables in the process, final colors can vary from samples and proofs. As this is a natural occurrence, no discounts will be given for variations. We take pride in delivering a high-quality product. If you have any questions or concerns about color or variations, please feel free to call or e-mail us prior to ordering. Also note that each product is handmade and may vary.

All designs are as is. Expectations include incorporating type where necessary and possibly removing or covering a portion of your illustration.

Photo Submission
You may submit your photos in one of several ways: upload a digital image to, supply us with a CD or mail us a copy of your graphic. 

The overall quality of the final product depends greatly on the original graphic supplied to Couture Envelopes. Please carefully read the Color Variation section. Call and we can help you choose the best method for you. Color correction and photo retouching may result in additional charges. All original photographs must be clearly labeled and will be returned. Couture Envelopes is not responsible for the loss of or damage of any materials provided to Couture Envelopes.

You can digitally submit a photo in JPEG and TIFF. Certain camera RAW files will work and may be sent, but note those files might be too large. If your file is in a different format or you are uncertain we can take it in the form you have, call and we can discuss options.

There is no need to size your photo before sending it. Our designers will make necessary changes to fit your photo.

Be sure your picture is larger than the space on your chosen envelope to allow for cropping.

Be aware of how your photo will fit in the space. For example, a vertical photo is a poor choice for a horizontal space. As a rule, envelopes are horizontal. That said we can place a graphic on an envelope vertically should you like that or we can custom crop your graphic to show horizontally.

Photographs may be converted to black and white at no extra charge. Note converted photos will not have the same contrast as an original black and white print.

When you submit illustrations, you represent that you have obtained all necessary permission from any photographer, designer or other author or artist who created any of the materials you supply to Couture Envelopes, and that you have the full right and authority to authorize Couture Envelopes to reproduce, publicly display and publicly distribute copies of all photographs, graphics, text or other and to prepare a product from the materials. You state that copyright notice has been removed from any of the materials prior to the delivery of the materials to Couture Envelopes.

You authorize Couture Envelopes to reproduce, publicly display, publicly distribute and prepare the product based upon the materials per your request.

Name and Likeness Rights:
You agree that you obtained all necessary signed, written consents from any individuals whose names and/or likenesses are recognizable in the materials (“subjects”), or from the legal representatives of such subjects, and that as a result to such you have the full right and authority to authorize Couture Envelopes to reproduce, publicly display, publicly distribute and prepare works based on the materials embodying the names and/or likenesses of the subjects. You authorize Couture Envelopes to reproduce, publicly display, publicly distribute and prepare works based upon the materials in order to create the product you requested.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Couture Envelopes, its representatives, employees, agents, licensees and service providers from and against claims, losses, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses including reasonable attorneys fees that may be incurred by them in responding to a defending against any claim, threatened claim, or legal action in connection with any breach or alleged breach of your representation.

In no event shall Couture Envelopes be liable for USPS performance failure or delivery delays. Couture Envelopes also will not be liable to you or any third party for any additional services performed outside of Couture Envelopes, including but not limited to other third party mail delivery services.

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